Our Story

In the heart of our floral haven, the passion for blossoms and the art of floral design intertwine to create a story that transcends individuals—a tale of a collective love for nature and the enduring beauty of flowers.Born from the rich soil of a land where moderate atmospheres nurtured our love for nature, our journey began in the embrace of family gardens, where roses bloomed under the watchful care of parents. From these roots, a hobby blossomed, carried across continents to Dubai, where a successful floral venture took root, only to be transplanted again to the fertile grounds of American opportunity.

Rooted in Family, Flourishing in Elegance

The Journal


How to dress a festive table

Amidst studies and ventures, the seeds of our floral devotion took firm hold. Bouquets, crafted with a blend of nostalgia and gratitude, found their way to teachers and friends, a tradition that echoed the floral dedication learned from generations past.



Seasonal favorite:Peonies

In the tapestry of our memories, a grandfather’s garden stands as a testament to the myriad hues life can offer. Each pod, a promise of growth and beauty—a philosophy we carry into our curated collection. The timeless love shared beneath grape leaves, over cups of Turkish coffee, and the nurturing of crops, inspire us to create a sanctuary where flowers are more than mere arrangements; they’re vessels of cherished moments.


Celebrating:Diversity and pride

Welcome to our haven, where the fragrance of heritage mingles with the bloom of innovation. Every petal echoes the whispers of generations past, inviting you to partake in the timeless dance of nature’s elegance. Join us in celebrating the artistry of flowers and the profound connections they forge.