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Basic Floral Design Certification Online

Welcome to Blooming Box Flower School, where the art of floral arrangement meets the science of expressing emotions through blooms. Our courses are crafted to not only teach you the techniques of arranging flowers but also guide you on choosing the perfect blooms for different events.

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Wedding Blooms

In the language of love, roses take center stage. Their timeless elegance and variety of colors make them the go-to choice for weddings. Peonies, with their lush petals, add a touch of romance, while lilies symbolize the purity of the occasion. Learn the art of blending these blooms to create stunning wedding bouquets and centerpieces that speak volumes.

Corporate Events

For corporate events, sophistication is key. Orchids, with their exotic allure, convey a sense of refinement. Calla lilies exude elegance, making them ideal for corporate settings. Discover the balance between minimalism and impact as you master the art of using these flowers to create tasteful arrangements for business gatherings.

Birthday Parties

Birthdays call for vibrant and joyful blooms. Sunflowers radiate happiness, while gerbera daisies in assorted colors add a playful touch. Learn to incorporate these cheerful flowers into arrangements that mirror the joyous spirit of birthday celebrations.


Celebrate enduring love with a mix of classic and symbolic blooms. Red and white roses convey passion and purity, making them perfect for anniversaries. Combine them with fragrant lilies to create arrangements that embody the journey of a lasting commitment.

Seasonal Blooms

Different seasons bring unique opportunities for floral expression. Embrace the warmth of summer with vibrant dahlias and sunflowers. Welcome the cool tones of winter with elegant amaryllis and orchids. Our courses guide you on selecting and arranging seasonal blooms for maximum impact.

At Blooming Box Flower School, we believe that each event has its own floral story waiting to be told. Join us in exploring the language of flowers and discover how to weave emotions through petals, creating arrangements that resonate with the essence of every occasion. Enroll now and let your creativity blossom

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